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Letter from recently relocated Syrian refugee

By July 14, 2016Stories

We left Kurdistan by midnight heading to Erbil’s airport where we stayed until 4.30 am. We entered the plane for the first time. Our destination was Amman which we arrived at by6.30 am the following day. We were received by delegates from the UN who took us to the airport hotel where we stayed until 23:00. They took us back to the airport and we left to the German Frankfort which we arrived at by 5:00 am. UN delegates were in reception too and asked us to rest until 14:30. We lunched at Frankfort airport and we left to the British Bristol where we arrived at by 4:00 pm.

We were received by delegates from the British community which was form of a lady called Gill, the interpreter ‘Hosam’ from Hamah (city in Syria), the driver and two other people. They gave us a generous and beautiful reception that I have never witnessed in my life. They had toys for my children and held a banner with my first and second name and were calling ‘Hussain’s family, where are you?’. We were totally pleased with this unique reception.

They led us to the van and headed to where we will be residing ‘Taunton’. On the way, the lovely “tender” Gill was hugging my children, Alaa and Bahia until we reached our home where also very kind people were awaiting us, one of them was ‘the lovely’ Hatem Alawzi from Tunisia. We entered our second floor flat to find all sorts of food, electric goods and toys for my children available.

By my name and the name of my family, I would like to thank the UN and the UK for providing refuge for me and my family and for treating my wife. This “beautiful” kindness will remain with me until my end. I also thank all the delegates that received us in Erbil’s, Amman’s and Frankfort’s airports. I give them my heartiest thanks and wish them happiness. I also thank the interpreters Hatem from Tunisia and Hosam from Syria, and wish them all good.

May I also thank the lovely “tender/loving” UK and inshallah “I hope” we won’t let them down. We will serve this country and its people, whom we will be sharing their bread, faithfully.


Lastly, I wish my children a promising future in this loving country.


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