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Stafford Welcomes Refugees

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Stafford Welcomes Refugees (SWR) is a diverse and multicultural group over 100 local concerned and enthusiastic people, that was set up by Netta Cartwright in September 2015 in response to Central and Local Governments not providing a good enough response to the scale of the refugee crisis. Read More

Farringdon Syrian Refugee Group

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In January 2015 Reggie Norton, a lifelong campaigner for peace and justice now in his 80s, called together representatives from the five churches in Faringdon to see what we could do in the face of the refugee crisis. We were ashamed of our government’s slow and inadequate response and lack of compassion. Like many others we were frustrated that our views were not being represented and felt we had to take some grass roots action for our voices to be heard and for something to be done. Reggie had heard about Citizens UK and we decided to follow their guidelines on how to campaign to have Syrian refugees resettled in our area. Read More

If you asked a group of 14 year-olds what they cared about most, what answer would you expect? – Mother Ellen, Lameth

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Our school is a member of community organising movement Citizens UK, which helps our students to campaign and act on the issues that matter to them.

Last autumn a group of Year 10 students decided that of all the possible issues (housing, jobs, money, or street safety), the refugee crisis was the most important to them. Even as their school chaplain, their compassion caught me unawares. Read More

Letter from recently relocated Syrian refugee

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We left Kurdistan by midnight heading to Erbil’s airport where we stayed until 4.30 am. We entered the plane for the first time. Our destination was Amman which we arrived at by6.30 am the following day. We were received by delegates from the UN who took us to the airport hotel where we stayed until 23:00. They took us back to the airport and we left to the German Frankfort which we arrived at by 5:00 am. UN delegates were in reception too and asked us to rest until 14:30. We lunched at Frankfort airport and we left to the British Bristol where we arrived at by 4:00 pm.

We were received by delegates from the British community which was form of a lady called Gill, the interpreter ‘Hosam’ from Hamah (city in Syria), the driver and two other people. They gave us a generous and beautiful reception that I have never witnessed in my life. They had toys for my children and held a banner with my first and second name and were calling ‘Hussain’s family, where are you?’. We were totally pleased with this unique reception. Read More

Like Many Others – Ruth Alexander, Perthshire

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Like many others, I was driven to get involved with the #refugeeswelcome movement by the pictures of Alan Kurdi in the media last September.  With the support of other people in the community who were similarly moved to take action, I set up Pitlochry Refugee Support, a small group of volunteers in Highland Perthshire. 

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