Different materials have been prepared and collated to help with the work of welcoming refugees. These resources include:


Community Welcome Plan  Each Local Refugee Welcome Committee will need to create their own Community Welcome Plan. The welcome plan sets out what local committee aims to do to welcome refugees and it is the basis for relating to the local council and the National Refugee Welcome Board. Its purpose is to help ensure resettled refugees are properly welcomed; and that host communities have a positive experience of resettlement. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a local authority, provider and host communities to help refugees rebuild their lives. The link has useful info to create the local committee plan.

Meeting your MP – A Guide  Are you planning to meet your MP to negotiate refugee resettlement?  The link has useful guide.

MP Commitment form – Do you want to ask your MP so that they ask the government to increase the number of Syrian refugees resettled in the UK to 50,000 over the course of parliament. The link has useful info.

MP Commitment form for Scottish MPs : Are you in Scotland and want to ask your MP to commit to refugee resettlement. The link has useful info.

Refugee Welcome School – Are you interested to encourage your local school to be a refugee welcome school. The link has info.

Citizens Housing Resource – This housing resource link compiles responses from around the country about what the main concerns are regarding housing for refugees.

RRN – Arrival to Independence – For additional Refugee resettlement info, good to see the info in this link.

Syrian Refugee Resettlement Programme – Funding Update – Please find updates from the Home Office to local Council Leaders here.

Children – Campaigning Pack  – Materials to help you lobby for robust measures to help resettle children in the uk.

Refugees Welcome Champions Award

Children’s Campaign Sept-Dec – Children’s Campaign Guideline – September to December 2016. Do you want to help to make sure refugee children in Europe are brought to safety in the UK? The document attached is the battle plan to make sure you can participate in the campaign. Timeline:

  • Early October: Getting your MP to support the Dubs/Bishop of Durham/Creasy Amendment
  • October 24: Paddington Actions
  • November: Finding foster carers
  • December:Backpack actions on leaders of Councils