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To the Vice Chancellors of UK universities

A call on UK universities to open their doors to people fleeing persecution.

The current refugee crisis is the largest humanitarian disaster facing Europe in generations.   We need everyone to play their part in helping people who have fled war and persecution to find safety and rebuild their shattered lives.

Many refugees have been forced to abandon their education. They arrive in the UK ready to enter university, but without access to student loans they cannot do so.  Instead huge potential is wasted as people are blocked from the education which would enable them to make a full contribution to our society and, when peace is restored, work to rebuild their own.

We request that each university welcomes people who are seeking protection in the UK by

  • Classifying them as home students
  • Offering at least 10 bursaries or scholarships to cover the full costs of study
  • Promoting their Refugee Welcome policy

We are already working with 26 universities which have shown their commitment to Refugee Welcome.  We want to work with all the UK’s universities to help you do the same.  Together the UK’s universities can empower refugees to rebuild their lives and our world.

Yours faithfully,


Article 26

Campaign for the Public University

Citizens UK

Just for Kids Law

Migrant Children’s Project

Refugee Education & Training Advisory Service

Refugee Support Network

Student Action for Refugees

Welsh Refugee Council


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