Action Details

London Paddington Action

Date: Monday 24th October
Time: 2pm
Venue: Kings Cross Rail Station

With the demolition of the Calais camp due to be complete in the coming months, it’s a key time to urge our councils to commit to accepting Dubs children and work with us to press the government to make sure no more children go missing or die trying to reach safety.

What is the aim of the action?

  • To urge council leaders to commit to accepting a specific number of unaccompanied children under the terms of the Dubs amendment
  • To celebrate council leaders who have made a commitment and ask them to join with us in asking the government to urgently process the applications of the 209 children in Calais eligible to come to the UK under the terms of the Dubs amendment before the demolition of the Calais camp (Guardian reported the French government has no plans to rehouse the children –
  • To catch the attention of local press to increase pressure on local councils who haven’t yet pledged a number

Why Paddington?

Paddington Bear is a unaccompanied child refugee who came alone to London as a stowaway after the destruction of his family home. In the Paddington film his Aunt Lucy recalls the evacuees of world war 2, saying “Long ago, people in England sent their children by train with labels around their necks, so they could be taken care of by complete strangers in the countryside where it was safe. They will not have forgotten how to treat a stranger”. Paddington is the perfect symbol of Britain’s tradition of welcoming child refugees in the past.



Full Briefing (PDF)
Flyer (PPTX)