What you can do:

There are many ways in which you can help, from donating to help support humanitarian aid efforts on the ground to joining your local Refugee Welcome action group.


slide 4 300 by 144Donations are extremely useful in combating the scarcity of basic amenities in Calais and other places with concentrated refugee populations as well as furthering our campaigning work.

Campaign in your local area

pic6 Join of the local groups to help put pressure on councils to accept refugees. If there isn’t one near you, you can set one up with the help of our dedicated team.

Community Sponsorship

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Find out how you can sponsor a refugee.

Attend an Action

Image Credit: Ilias BartoliniRegular actions and demonstrations held around the country are a great way to demonstrate your strength of feeling and show solidarity with refugees.

Lobby Your MP

Parliament_at_SunsetGet in touch with your local representative and make clear the fact that ethical treatment of refugees are an issue people care about and will materially affect how votes are cast.